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Over the last several years, complex and dynamic technologies have completely changed the landscape of the healthcare industry. These advancements have certainly improved patients’ lives and allowed clinicians to offer a better quality of care. However, providers have only scratched the surface of what is possible when the latest technologies are integrated into the care process.

While a wide array of technologies can further enhance the patient care experience, AI-based pattern recognition software is of particular interest. We will take a deep dive into one of the most innovative pattern recognition solutions on the market.

Known as the xCalibre system, this emerging software is truly on the leading edge in technology-integrated healthcare.

What Is xCalibre?

The xCalibre software is an advanced image-analysis technology. This software is designed to enhance the capabilities of CCTV and real-time video systems by augmenting them with intelligent detection and recognition functions.

xCalibre can be used to analyze real-time video and to process recorded footage and images.

xCalibre can make predictions and recommendations by leveraging a combination of historical data and real-time statistics. The xCalibre system identifies humans, and it can recognize concealed objects as well. It can also perform accurate identification of humans with or without facial covers.

xCalibre’s AI analysis occurs in several phases. During the first phase, xCalibre conducts high-resolution, pixilation-based image mapping using a neural network.

After this is complete, a proprietary convolutional neural network (CNN) named First Encounter performs the second phase of analysis. First Encounter was created by GBT Technologies and is patented. 

xCalibre: Powered by First Encounter

The First Encounter CNN is integral to the function of xCalibre. It performs a low-resolution, pixilation-based mapping of images, such as faces, bodies, or objects. Phases three and four involve portrait-wide and sideways mapping, respectively.

In the fifth phase, First Encounter and xCalibre conduct biometric facial mapping. During the sixth phase, the analysis technology performs AI vector mapping to identify human bodies that may be present in the frame. The seventh and final phase involves AI-vector mapping to identify clothing, face coverings, and accessories.

The First Encounter image-processing algorithm can perform rapid analysis of vast quantities of data. While this technology can be effectively deployed in the government, military, security, and commercial sectors, it can also be a valuable tool for the healthcare industry.

How xCalibre Facilitates Data Security

Due to an uptick in data breaches and cybercrime over the last several years, information security has been a chief concern for virtually every industry. The healthcare space is particularly conscious of protecting patient data as state and federal governments closely regulate these entities.

Fortunately, the xCalibre system includes an advanced cybersecurity protocol. This protocol is highly effective at keeping all data secure and confidential. As a result, healthcare providers can confidently implement the xCalibre system into their protocols without fear of exposing patient data to undue risk.

xCalibre Healthcare Use Cases

The xCalibre system and the First Encounter CNN that powers it are innovative technologies that can benefit a vast array of industries, including the healthcare sector.

Specifically, in-home health and private assisted living facilities can deploy the xCalibre system to improve patient care and mitigate risks.

How xCalibre Can Mitigate Private Healthcare Facility Risks

Throughout the nation, senior-assisted living facilities are facing an ongoing staffing crisis. As a result, otherwise treatable health events such as falls, acute crisis, bedsores, and similar conditions can go undetected. Staffing issues pose significant dangers to patients while simultaneously exposing the provider to civil liability.

While the xCalibre system cannot completely offset the challenges associated with staffing shortages, it can enhance a facility’s ability to monitor patients. The advanced AI technology used in the xCalibre system allows it to recognize when a resident has fallen or is experiencing an adverse health event.

The xCalibre system can then send an alert to the staff to promptly provide assistance and render aid. The result is reduced civil liability and better care outcomes for patients.

Benefits of xCalibre for Home Health

The xCalibre software can also be deployed as a home security system for seniors. This technology is the natural evolution of traditional home health monitoring equipment, such as fall alarms and wearable alert bracelets. To facilitate the use of xCalibre for in-home applications, users must install CCTV or other forms of security cameras throughout the residence.

The xCalibre system can track the health patterns of users and store historical data in order to enhance its analysis capabilities. Together, xCalibre and First Encounter can discern when a home resident has fallen or begins experiencing a health crisis.

When used in conjunction with medical alert technology, xCalibre can notify emergency medical personnel to render aid to the patient.

When used for in-home applications, the xCalibre system allows seniors and those with ongoing health issues such as epilepsy to live independently in their primary dwelling. This freedom can help them maintain a higher quality of life and sense of independence while also protecting residents from the dangers of age-related or health-related conditions.

The xCalibre system can also be used to detect other dangers, such as fires. There is an increased risk of fire in the homes of patients who rely on oxygen.

Ultimately, the xCalibre system can help care providers extend the life of patients with long-term health concerns without requiring them to make the transition to an assisted living facility.

Learn More About the Ways xCalibre Can Drive Healthcare Forward

The xCalibre system works seamlessly with IoT and mobile devices to provide an enhanced data analysis solution. When deployed for healthcare purposes, the xCalibre system can significantly benefit a variety of patients. This technology is beneficial for monitoring elderly patients and those who have volatile health conditions.

If your organization is seeking to revolutionize the patient monitoring and senior care industries, xCalibre offers the perfect solution. To learn more about the potential of the xCalibre system and the patented First Encounter technology, contact GBT Technologies today.

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