GBT’s Technology Platform

GBT’s Technology Platform

Natively IoT Based

GBT Technologies’ core technology is a revolutionary new platform enabling products that will change the way people interact with technology and each other, because we believe that improving communications will benefit the modern world. GTCH Microchips communicate via a private, secure protocol and can interact with internal states – microchips communicate with other microchips – and external environments – microchips interact with cell phones, mobile apps, computers, tablets, tracking devices and many other digital devices, with access to conventional networks (WIFI and Cellular).

Our goal for Gopher Insight Microchips is to be installed in billions of mobile devices in the next few years. This will allow GTCH to create private secure communications networks that will enormously benefit organizational and individual users. We will utilize this private secure networks to improve the computing power, database management, internal memory, and security of devices equipped with GopherInsight Microchips. The potential is enormous and we are constantly developing more advanced features. 

We are proud to announce that our technology is IoT (Internet of Things) native, including our EDA APPLICATIONS

The GBT platform is based on private, secured networks which connect physical objects that are accessible through the Internet. With the GBT platform, the IoT “Thing” could be a GBT Technologies product such as GuardianBracelet or GuardianOrb, or other fixed or mobile devices such as a tracker or a cellular phone that has a GopherInsight microchip installed.

Each one of these devices would be assigned an ID and IP address on our private secure network and would be able to collect and transfer data over the network without manual assistance or intervention.

In order to enhance the performance, security, RF capabilities and power consumption of our microchip technology, we implemented IoT methodologies within our EDA (Electronic Design Automation) computer programs Epsilon and Sigma. Each one of these programs is used during integrated circuit design for a variety of design enhancements. We have also added a feature called “IoT Aware,” which uniquely considers IoT challenges during chip design stages.

Our technology is targeted for integration into a wide variety of leading applications, among them are autonomous machines, smart drones, military and rescue, law enforcement, GEO tracking, medicine, robotics and more.

Our goal is to create a family of devices that is “Internet of Things-native” and controlled via our embedded software integrated into in many different kinds of systems. Our devices represent themselves digitally, and can be controlled from anywhere. GTCH products are connected to our private, secured communication protocol and enable our technology to control and manage more data from more places. This will ensure greater efficiency of digital and inter-personal communications, thus improving our lives and security.

EDA Applications
Targeted Technology

Targeted Technology

GBT is Developing Technology Targeting Following Market Areas

  • IC & Semiconductor Hardware past 3nm
  • AI , Machine Learning, Applications and Systems
  • Tracking, Inventory and Asset Management, GPS less Tracking
  • IoT Networks, Mesh and Database Technology
  • Telemedicine
  • IC Design and Development
  • Advanced Radio Technology
  • Safe Cloud Storage & Encryption
  • Blockchain
  • Medical Diagnose & ID
  • Other

Integrated Circuit Technology

Within this domain we are developing a chipset to work within mobile devices. This chipset provides the device with new features and capabilities in order to enhance performance, speed, storage, and computing power.

Our state of the art technology will transform the way microchip design companies design IC performance through our “IoT Aware” analytics that will deliver better native IoT infrastructure and support. We will be impacting every aspect of safety, security, and communication methods of the world.

Industries such as manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure, utilities, gasoline, and even retail sectors will benefit from the various enabling platforms released by GBT Technologies.

GBT Technologies will cover many domains that are natively IoT and connected through artificial intelligence based on a private secure protocol and mesh network communication.

Internet of things


Our goal: to equip a large part of the 50 billion mobile devices (worldwide) with our mobile chip technology, creating the largest private network ever made! Our microchip technology is based on a mathematical mesh model to work efficiently, around the globe network.

Our IC Technology includes the following…

GopherInsight core chipset
Guardian Patch Tracking Device
GuardianORB – Pet Tracking
Guardian Bracelet – Personal Tracking

GBT’s Technology

Our software is an integral part (brain) of our overall systems. Our chipset and supporting software are constantly working together within an entire family of software, based on artificial intelligence algorithms. We have also developed EDA software (Electronic Design Automation); to assist with the design of our ICs in this domain. These programs are also offered as independent products to the IC Design market. The following includes our EDA software that is available for license to microchip design houses in order to help them meet or exceed their market schedules, and significantly improve their designs and flow.

Alpha EDA Software

EPSILON – Electrical Analysis for integrated circuits backend. Early detection of electrical issues within ICs so the correction can be done on the fly. Designed to enhance the entire IC design cycle by shortening the time by at least 40%-50%. Additionally, it enables microchip design houses to ultimately achieve better performance and lower power consumption.
SIGMA – Electrical Connectivity Verification and Correction – automatically corrects electrical connectivity violations within ICs, saving significant time by eliminating the process of checking and fixing because the design is right the first time


Our mobile software applications are the human interface running with our robust, mathematical computer programs on our backend servers. Each of our mobile applications is constantly communicating with expert system based programs that are monitoring and controlling our hardware and IoT based technologies. These mobile applications are working within our software, (tracking) hardware, and servers.


Patents, Prototypes & IP’s

IC - Magic2

Patented – Software productivity suite with 8 tools dramatically speeding up IC design, improving reliability, silicon yield saving billions.

Tracking - Guardian Patch

Patented – Superior GPS less system with very low infrastructure
cost for tracking, asset management and inventory control.

IoT – Mesh Radio System

Patented radio mesh system for IoT related application and patented database management

Health - Xcalibre

Pattern recognition software helping to read photo, x-rays, ID, people and other.

Health - Apollo

LifeBox, none evasive health and tracking technology.

PaymentSystem - OneCard Pay

Patented anti fraud online payment system

Health - Hermes

Plaque removing robot in research

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