Simplifying Health Monitoring in the Wake of a Pandemic


Smartwatch technology and other portable smart devices have been rapidly evolving since they were first introduced to consumers in 2004. This industry has grown exponentially since the FM radio-enabled Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology) made its debut.

While this class of devices was initially designed to help users stay connected personally and professionally, it ultimately made its way into the health and wellness space.

Smart tech is moving far beyond simply tracking steps or monitoring the wearer’s resting heart rate. Leading-edge health monitoring technology can measure a wide array of physiological parameters and provide valuable feedback to the user.

The need for these capabilities became apparent in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. Mobile health monitoring tech allows individuals to accurately assess vital statistics while simultaneously reducing the number of in-person medical visits that they must attend.

As the world continues to contend with COVID-19, health monitoring technologies have quickly become a necessity. In response to this recent development, GBT Tokenize Corporation has developed qTerm.

What is qTerm?

qTerm is an intelligent vital signs device that is powered by innovative artificial intelligence technology. qTerm easily and conveniently measures core wellness indicators, including body temperature, blood oxygen level, and heart rate. This device provides users with near-instant feedback on these three statistics.

The qTerm device is about the size of a coin, making it easy for users to take with them. The device can be used as a standalone product or attached to the user’s laptop or phone. qTerm is a true one-of-a-kind health monitoring device that is small, simple to use, and accurate.

How it Works

The disc-shaped qTerm device is extremely user-friendly and convenient. In order to check their vitals, individuals must simply press their index finger down onto the center of the device. Within a few seconds, the qTerm will provide feedback regarding the user’s heart rate, blood oxygen level, and temperature.

qTerm can be used on its own. However, users should connect the device to their phones or laptops using qTerm’s Bluetooth capabilities for optimal results. The device will relay information to the qTerm app.

If the reading is of concern, the user will receive auditory and visual alerts. When qTerm connects to a phone, users can maintain a history of their vital signs for recordkeeping purposes. This data will be valuable if the user becomes ill or has other health concerns that they would like to discuss with their physician.

What Sets qTerm Apart?

The qTerm device is innovative in the health monitoring sector. It is unlike virtually every other device because of its:

Advanced AI

qTerm is much more than a simple thermometer. The device leverages advanced AI technologies to collect data anonymously. This data is used to provide the user with valuable health insights.

Hotzone Mapping

Another integral feature of the qTerm technology is its “Hotzone Mapping” functionality. qTerm’s AI creates a real-time, real-world thermal map. The app will alert users to “hot zones” so that they can avoid potentially high-risk areas. 


The qTerm device is approximately the size of a quarter, which means that users can store it in their pocket, attach it to the back of their smartphone, or even connect it to their laptop. The size of the qTerm device makes it an excellent health monitoring tool for both businesses and individuals.

Benefits of Portable Health Monitoring Equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic has made virtually everyone more health-conscious. This increased awareness is fueling the surge in demand for portable health monitoring solutions like the qTerm. This device offers many benefits to both individual users and the communities they inhabit.

Real-Time Health Monitoring

The qTerm provides users with unprecedented real-time health monitoring capabilities. They will no longer need to schedule an office visit or buy another machine to check blood oxygen levels. In addition, patients will not have to rely on traditional thermometers and oximeters to gather information on their other vitals.

Instead, they can measure all three statistics with the touch of a finger. This easy access will provide qTerm owners with timely data to review and assess or forward to their physician.

Earlier Disease Detection

Abnormal body temperature, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate may indicate that the user is falling ill. When an individual experiences notable fluctuations in all three metrics, this may even suggest that they are at an increased risk of experiencing a major health event.

The qTerm device provides patients with valuable data that can empower them in their health journey. It can also assist physicians with early disease detection.

Instant Notification of Abnormal Vitals

Unless the user has some level of medical training or is very knowledgeable about their well-being, they may not know what is considered an acceptable blood oxygen level or heart rate. The qTerm device resolves this issue by providing users with instant feedback when they have abnormal vital measurements.

The qTerm app will display the user’s measurements in an easy-to-understand format. The app will also show a background that corresponds with the quality of the statistics.

If a user has a heart rate, body temperature, or blood oxygen level that is slightly out of the normal threshold, the app will display a yellow background. When these metrics are especially concerning, the app will display a red background, indicating that the user should seek medical assistance.

Health Data Tracking and Sharing Capabilities

qTerm’s health data tracking and sharing capabilities are a huge benefit to individual users and their communities. Users can record and share their data with physicians and other medical personnel when they are seeking care for an ailment or disease.

In addition, qTerm’s AI technology and mapping functionality anonymously share the user’s data with others. This data-sharing capability allows all qTerm users to access a real-world, real-time map so that they can avoid potential health hotspots.

The innovative qTerm device is in a prime position to dominate the ever-growing personal health monitoring space.

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CEO – GBT Technologies Inc.

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