Improving Delivery Speed with GPS-Less Tracking Solutions

Improving Delivery Speed with GPS-Less Tracking Solutions

During the crunch of the holiday shopping season, manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies focus their attention on optimizing package delivery speed. If these entities want to keep consumers happy, they must ensure that all packages are delivered safely and efficiently.

Currently, the majority of packages are tracked using a scanning method. When an item arrives at or departs a particular destination, a label is scanned to update the package’s location. While this approach allows for some oversight of package delivery timelines, it does little to expedite the shipping process.

To improve delivery speeds, companies must deploy real-time tracking solutions. GBT Technologies is developing one such technology, known as Guardian Tracking.

What Is Guardian Tracking?

Guardian Tracking is an electronic tracking technology designed around GBT Technologies’ innovative microchip system known as the Guardian Patch. This innovative tracking system allows companies to track packages and other resources using a secure, encrypted private network.

The Guardian Tracking system utilizes a mesh method so that the network can communicate with other systems through radios, computers, and internet-enabled mobile devices. The system can transmit the precise location of an asset with or without GPS services.

What Is the Guardian Patch?

The Guardian Patch is an adhesive patch that can be affixed to packages or other goods for tracking purposes. This electronic circuit can communicate with other patches within the Guardian gNET network. Each patch has its own power source that lasts for one full year.

The Guardian Patch and Guardian gNET network work in conjunction with mobile software applications to provide GPS-less global tracking solutions. Each patch contains details about the object to which it is affixed.  

Benefits of Guardian Tracking

Real-time tracking capabilities, such as those offered by the Guardian Tracking platform, provide several tremendous benefits to logistics companies and their clients. Guardian Patches are particularly useful during the “last-mile” of delivery, which is where products are being routed from the distribution center to the final destination.

By using Guardian Tracking solutions, companies can:

Increase the Security of Delivery

Guardian Tracking can help carriers make the delivery process more secure. Losing or misplacing packages can have severe consequences for carriers and their clients.

Frequently lost packages will diminish a company’s reputation, costing them clients over time. To make matters worse, lost packages are often deducted from the carrier’s revenue.

Lost packages equipped with Guardian Tracking technology, on the other hand, make it easier to locate the item, which can be recovered and rerouted back to the end-user.

Businesses are not the only entities that can perform real-time tracking through the Guardian Patch. Customers can also verify the location of any outstanding packages. This capability will improve client satisfaction while simultaneously reducing the workload on customer service personnel.

Improve Route Planning Capabilities

Logistics companies already invest heavily in route management technologies. These technologies optimize the delivery process by analyzing possible routes and highlighting the most efficient pathway between drop-off locations.

However, route management software does not currently have access to real-time location data, which means that it cannot account for all variables when planning a delivery.

The Guardian Tracking system can further streamline the delivery process. Package location data can be uploaded into a route management database so that the computer can better plan delivery pathways. This planning will translate into significant savings for carriers.

Allow for Automated Dispatching

When integrated with other technologies, the Guardian Tracking network can facilitate automated dispatching. An advanced algorithm automatically assigns all products to the appropriate drivers and receiving facilities.

The algorithm would make these decisions based on various factors, including the projected delivery date, the size of each package, and the different packages’ weights.

Automated dispatching would drastically reduce the workload on logistics employees. The technology will eliminate many manual processes from the dispatching method. In addition, this capability would allow carriers to provide consumers with more accurate delivery estimates.

The Guardian Tracking network can reduce shipping costs, increase delivery speed, and improve customer satisfaction when leveraged to its true potential.

Better Control of Goods

Real-time tracking like that provided by Guardian Patches increases the amount of control that companies have over their products. At any time, top decision-makers or oversight staff can receive a 100% accurate location update on their products.

This overview ensures that the products are safe and on schedule to be delivered on time.

Enhance Cybersecurity

While logistics companies are primarily concerned about expediting the shipping process, they are also becoming increasingly conscientious of cybersecurity threats.

Cyber attacks are on the rise. Over the last few years, cyber attacks have increased in frequency and scope, with the most significant incidents costing businesses millions.

One of the most beneficial features of the Guardian Tracking technology is that it is radio-based. Each Guardian Patch connects to other devices on a secure, encrypted private network.

The platform adds another advanced security layer to protect the existing gNET network, virtually eliminating malicious hacking. By transitioning to the Guardian Tracking network, carriers can reduce their vulnerability to cyberattacks.

Future Outlook of Guardian Technologies

Guardian Tracking technologies can revolutionize the supply chain and transportation industries. The innovative Guardian Patches can be affixed to any package to enable real-time, GPS-less tracking capabilities.

The patches are supported by Guardian’s ultra-secure, encrypted gNET network, which means that businesses can confidently deploy the new technology without concern of being exposed to malware.

The Guardian Patches are powered by a patented algorithm, making this technology a “first of its kind” tracking solution. GBT Technologies also has several pending patents for the microchip architecture, digital IoT features, and database used to support the Guardian Tracking platform.

If you would like to learn more about Guardian Patches or the GPS-less tracking platform, contact GBT Technologies today.

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