Cybersecurity War Games

Cybersecurity War Games

Avant! AI was trained to analyze a cybersecurity incident, identify threats and vulnerabilities, prioritize remediation methods, and perform a recovery plan.

Avant! AI was tested in a live simulated cybersecurity incident, proving superior performance in identifying threats, mitigation, and recovery course of action. The simulation aimed to architect intelligent and resilient cybersecurity solutions for possible cyber-attack scenarios. A cybersecurity incident simulation, also known as a cyber-attack simulation or a “red team” exercise, helps organizations prepare for a potential cyber-attack. The simulation involves the creation of a realistic attack scenario, such as simulated ransomware, malware infection, or denial-of-service attack (DoS), designed to assess an organization’s security defenses, incident response capabilities, and overall preparedness. The simulation is typically conducted by a team of security professionals, often referred to as the “red team,” who simulate the actions of a cyber attacker, and a separate group known as the “blue team,” who are responsible for defending against the simulated attack. By conducting such simulations, organizations can identify weaknesses in their security posture, improve incident response procedures, and reduce the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack.

We believe robust cybersecurity incident simulations are essential to help organizations proactively prepare for potential cyber threats and enhance their ability to respond to security incidents effectively. Avant! AI was trained to perform as an intelligent agent for a large-scale corporation, to analyze a simulated cyber-attack, reach conclusions, recommend mitigation methods, and quickly recover the attacked company back to regular operation. Particularly in today’s economy, it is insufficient to identify and mitigate cyber-attack incidents. The future of an entire organization depends on how fast it can return to regular operation to stay in business. The process involves logical, calculated threat modeling, risk assessment, and how organizations handle the challenges of leading a crisis, responding, and recovering. The simulation considered technical remediations, executive team decisions, public communication, and aftermath improvements. Avant! proved to have excellent capabilities to perform real-time cyber incident analysis, identify weak spots, assess the impact experienced across the organization, and recommend immediate technical remediation methods.

Additionally, it successfully recommended efficient response strategies to contain, eradicate and recover from the cyber incident. Finally, it evaluated and recommended communication strategies during the incident, internally and publicly. We plan to continue our R&D efforts to adapt Avant! AI performs as an intelligent cybersecurity agent to assist organizations with monitoring, identifying, remediating, and recovering in case of cyber-attacks.

The confidential cybersecurity war game exercise of Avant! AI performed live before an academic expert audience during the last week of March 2023 in San Francisco CA and was setup and controlled by Dr. Danny Rittman – CTO , GBT Technologies Inc. 

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