GBT Technologies, Inc. “GBT” is a technology company focusing on chip design and software and is developing a portfolio of Intellectual Property that is targeted to have significant relevance in enabling the rollout of IoT (Internet of Things), global mesh  networks, and for applications relating to artificial intelligence.

GBT TECHNOLOGIES is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, USA.

Private Network

GBT Technologies Platform Technology is called GopherInsight™, which uses “public” RF spectrum to facilitate a private network between enabled devices.

Products that use GopherInsight™ can have network access without using traditional Bluetooth, Cellular or Satellite connectivity.

This would enable users to have network and internet access without paying traditional carrier monthly fees, and would work at ranges exceeding 30 miles from another enabled device. 

Intellectual Property

During development and deployment, the Company has been granted, and has pending, a portfolio of Intellectual Property that will include smart microchips, mobile application software and supporting cloud software. The system contemplates the creation of a global network 

GBT Technologies believes that this will be the first system to be developed using an artificial intelligence-based analysis engine. Since the core of the system in its next phase will be an advanced microchip that can be installed in any mobile device, worldwide, GBT Technologies expects that this will result in an internal, private network between all connected mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc.).

Utilizing any IoT (‘Internet of Things’) mobile or fixed device, such as autonomous vehicles (cars, drones, robots, aircraft, spacecraft), and wearable consumer technologies, GBT plans to provide technology for computing power enhancement, advanced mobile database management, as well as robust information-sharing functionalities and additional mobile features, without the need for internet connectivity.

Team Members


With experience assisting both privately held and publicly traded organizations, Mansour is mindful of owner expectations and shareholder needs in his work.
Mansour has studied Electro Engineering at the Technical University of Aachen in Germany and has also studied Economics at the HS Wuppertal. He has developed and marketed numerous multi-million-dollar consumer websites including EagleRider and Leisurelink. Additionally, he built distribution and marketing systems for Expedia, Orbitz, Saber, Amadeus, and As a private associate, Mansour has a passion for business development and strategic partnerships within technology, green energy and green tech. He helped companies to establish new business channels and enter large multimillion distribution deals by implementing new technologies and ideas. He has hands-on experience working with startup tech companies. Mansour is familiar with many areas of marketing, product development, operations, and finance, which allows him to compliment the holistic functioning of a company’s growth. Because of his big picture perspective and vision, he emphasizes teamwork, and seamless operations throughout the companies he has developed, and worked with.



Mr. Rittman served as the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Security Officer of a private smart-chip design company from 2007 through 2012

where he led the company’s technological direction, including architecture, design, and development of Electric Design Automation software tools, to the successful launch of operating products. He also developed and implemented the overall information security strategy, policies, and procedures to protect the corporate’s data and assets from cyber threats. Throughout his career, Mr. Rittman has served as a Senior Integrated Circuit Design Consultant for several leading technology companies, where he manages teams of integrated circuit designers within the mobile and cybersecurity arenas, leading the next generation of cyber-aware microchips. In GBT, he is leading the company’s technological direction, focusing on AI in various domains, including IC Design, cybersecurity and IoT technologies. Mr. Rittman received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering VLSI Design from the University of Bridgeport, an M.Sc. in Cybersecurity from Berkeley University, and a Doctorate Degree in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University. Mr. Rittman completed professional courses, including Machine Learning from Sanford University and Artificial Intelligence in Health Care from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has published technical papers in Frontier and other technical publications. 

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