Global communication & networking technology

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) enable mobile technology, introduce new innovations within the mobile arena, and connect people throughout the World.

Our patented self-learning and adaptive Integrated Circuit (IC), the GopherInsight™, our suite of mobile applications together create inner-mobile, private, secured networks, that provide a mobile technology for computing power enhancement, advanced mobile database management/sharing, as well as many additional features!


About GBT


GBT Technologies (GTCH) Core Technology is a revolutionary new platform with products that will change the way people interact with technology and each other, because we believe that improving communications will benefit the modern world.

GBT Technologies, Inc. (“GBT”) is a technology company focusing on chip design and software and is developing a portfolio of Intellectual Property that is targeted to have significant relevance in enabling the rollout of IoT (Internet of Things), global mesh networks, and for applications relating to artificial intelligence.